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Soaring is an attractive sport, away from crowdy places and thereby less known among people. This sport has a long tradition in Slovenia and the interest is raising among young people. The young enthusiasts are a basis for top pilots in sport as well as in airlines.



DG 101 SGIn the area between Sostanj - Ravne -Radlje - Vitanje soaring possibilities are very favourable. Distinct thermal condition in this area appear from April till August. Possibilities for thermal, ridge and wave soaring are great. Ridge soaring is effective during SW and NW winds, especially at Pohorje and Urslja gora slopes. Connection to thermals are possible already from 300 m to 600 m QFE. During spring day time the cumulus bases rise from 1000 m to 2000 m and during summer from 1500 m to 2500 m QFE. Exceptionally in the moths of July and August the base may reach 3000 m QFE, especially in mountainous areas. Rates of acsent are strongest in May, June and July. The configuration and formation of terrain in this area are vary to a great extent. The only plain area is the Mislinja river valley. The rest is hilly of 800 m QNH average elevation, only the Urslja gora and Pohorje mountains reach 1700 m resp. 1540 m QNH. Due to very heterogeneity terrain the area is extremely favourable for soaring in various weather conditions. It is interesting that soaring along Pohorje up to 2000 m is possible even during inversion periods. The possibility for connect to other soaring areas exist over the Kamniske Alpe to the thermal area of Lesce, over Velenje with that of Celje and over Pohorje with the one over Maribor city.



DG 303 - PB
Bostjan Pristavec (ALC Lesce member)  is the first gliding pilot in Slovenia who flew over 1000 kilometers cross-country in his DG-600/18 BP. He started at April 15th 8.48 AM at Slovenj Gradec airfield and landed 8 hours 59 minutes later at the same airfield. He scored a flight of 1003 kilometers with fallowing way points: Podgorje pod Ursljo goro, Birnbau in Austria (175 km west of Slovenj Gradec), Smrekovec cottage, Malles Venosta in Italy (near Swiss border) and back to Slovenj Gradec airfield. Thermals at Sillian in Austria (200 km west of Slovenj Gradec ) gave him height to join Karnian Alps and then to Karavanke mountain chain which leads directly to our airfield. He proved to be a top glider pilot with this flight. This flight proves also that Slovenj Gradec airfield is a very good start point for top glider achievements.