PO-2 landing
Koroski Aeroclub is proud to have one of the rarest planes worldwide in our hangar. Renovation of the plane took ten months and cost 12.5 million SIT. Joze Perhavc spend 2500 hours to restore the plane. Airplane is restored today and waits for the engine. After the engine will be installed we will also fly with PO - 2.

Fly with PO-2

PO-2 constructor is Nikolaj Nikolajevic Polikarpov (1892-1944). First named U-2, model gained his today name after death of his constructor. Basic power plant was 125 HP, but later also much more powerful engines were installed, with the most popular version M - 11D star. All wooden construction had rectangular shaped wings first, after first flight (07.01.1928) some changes have been made. Test pilot was famous flyer Gromov. The model was in serial production from 1929 up to 1959. There were over 40000 airplanes in production. Po-2 was used for basic schooling, training, reconnaissance, medical flights, hydro-planes...


Technical data

Engine data

wingspan upper wing 11,4 m
wingspan lower wing 10,56 m
lenght 8,17 m
height 3,1 m
propeller diameter 2,35 m
landing speed 72 km/h
landing runway 205 m
take-off runway 190 m
ceiling 3000 m
empty weight 770 kg
max cargo weight 350 kg
one line star with 5 cylinders M-11D
weight 160 kg
power 125 HP
max RPM 1760 o/min
fuel consumption 23-25 kg/h
motor life 400 h